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Norpac Fisheries, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of seafood for Hawaii. Established in 1987, we have grown by making certain that our customers receive the freshest seafood available. 

Having started from scratch, we have grown by leaps and bounds because we have worked hard to make sure that our customers get quality seafood each and every time they shop. At Norpac Fisheries, Inc., we assure you that we always deliver the best fresh fish, be it local or imported to our customers each and every time.

We are among the largest and most reputed importers and distributors of fish in the Hawaii islands. We supply seafood wholesale to five supermarkets and several walk-ins across Hawaii. Norpac Fisheries, Inc. started with selling salmon and butterfish imported from Alaska in the late eighties. Since then we have added fresh Canadian farm Atlantic salmon, frozen black cod (sable fish), frozen crab, king crab, snow crab, frozen shrimps, live oysters and clams and other choice seafood among our specialties. We supply seafood to customers in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai and the Big Island. 

Norpac Fisheries, Inc. has outgrown the competition through sheer hard work and the commitment to supply quality seafood each and every time. As a seafood distributor, we spare no efforts to make certain that our customers get their moneys worth every time they purchase our fresh products. Michael, the owner in charge of the import business respectively, is acutely aware of hurdles they have overcome to create a 10 million dollar business. This deep understanding of what our end customers desire motivates them to make sure that each customer proudly serves their products to their family, each and every time. 

Norpac fisheries, Inc. is committed to make certain that our customers have access to quality and fresh seafood each and everyday.
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